7 Cool DIYs For Your Old Jeans


I am constantly trying to think of ways to re-use or repurpose my sons’ now too small jeans. Besides making cut offs with your jeans, here are seven easy DIYs to give your old jeans some new life!

  • Make Your Jeans New! 1 of 7

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  • Whale 2 of 7
    diy jeans 01

    You can't wear the jeans after this refashion, but isn't this whale adorable? It would make a great baby gift. 

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  • Tie Dye 3 of 7
    diy jeans 02

    How cute are these? I want them. In a variety of colors.

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  • Bleached 4 of 7
    diy jeans 03

    Add some character to your denim with some bleach! I am kind of in love with this jacket. 

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  • Skinnies 5 of 7
    diy jeans 04

    Learn how to make your own skinny jeans for both you and your littles. 

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  • Polka Dots 6 of 7
    Basic RGB

    Polka dots make everything better. I love these jeans.

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  • Maternity 7 of 7
    diy jeans 06

    Why spend money on maternity jeans? Alter some of your old favorite jeans yourself! 

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