7 Favorite Holiday Decor From Anthropologie


I love Anthropologie as much as the next person, but their holiday decor this year is killing me! So many pretty ways to dress up your home for the holidays. There are garlands, lights, and ornaments that are sure to stand out among your collection. Here are 7 of my favorites for you to take a gander at!

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  • Village 2 of 8
    anthro 01

    This little village is perfect and I need it for our home. I want to make little people to go inside! 

    Get it here starting at $24 from Anthropologie

  • Jingle Bell 3 of 8
    anthro 02

    These cute and colorful jingle bells are amazing! I love the little handmade touches. 

    Get it here for $16 from Anthropologie

  • Reindeer Doorbell 4 of 8
    anthro 03

    Who wouldn't love this as their doorbell? Way better than my current super loud and annoying one. 

    Get it here for $28 from Anthropologie

  • Jolly Garland 5 of 8
    anthro 04

    This bright and colorful garland is screaming to come home with me. I love those tassels! 

    Get it here for $78 from Anthropologie

  • Star Lights 6 of 8
    anthro 05

    Aren't these little stars so pretty? They would look awesome on any tree, or even hung as garland!

    Get it here for $24 from Anthropologie

  • Pearl Garland 7 of 8
    anthro 06

    I am really liking the simplicity of this little garland. The pearls are just enough to add some pretty to your holiday. 

    Get it here for $14 from Anthropologie

  • Bulb Lights 8 of 8
    anthro 07

    Aren't these bulb lights gorgeous? They will be making their way to my living room, I am determined. 

    Get it here for $60 from Anthropologie


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