7 New Things I Love from American Apparel Kids


American Apparel always has great basics for kids. I know I’ll always find good things there which is why I love it when they announce new items. Here are 7 great new pieces, including a throwback hypercolor shirt! (I still remember how bad I wanted one.) See them all after the jump.

  • Infant Knit Legging 1 of 7
    Infant Knit Legging
    These leggings are a staple, and the new colors are so pretty.
    from American Apparel $36
  • Kids Wool Cape 2 of 7
    Kids Wool Cape
    This cape is such a fun option for getting a little dressed up.
    from American Apparel $74
  • Infant Cable Knit Sweater 3 of 7
    Infant Cable Knit Sweater
    This sweater comes in the prettiest blush pink.
    from American Apparel $36
  • Kids Sheer Jersey Thermochromatic Tee 4 of 7
    Kids Sheer Jersey Thermochromatic Tee
    Hypercolor, It's back and it's awesome.
    from American Apparel $16
  • Kids Vintage Knit Sweater 5 of 7
    Kids Vintage Knit Sweater
    This is such a classic.
    from American Apparel $44
  • Helvetica Infant Rib One-Piece 6 of 7
    Helvetica Infant Rib One-Piece
    These bold, graphic onesies are perfect for little kids learning their letters.
    from American Apparel $12.50
  • Kids Opaque Dots Shapes Tight 7 of 7
    Kids Opaque Dots Shapes Tight
    A little girl can never have too many pairs of tights.
    from American Apparel $14


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