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7 Parenting Products We're NOT Thankful For

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‘Tis the season to give thanks, and we are grateful for a lot of things — nap time, bedtime, potty training success — that make our jobs as parents a tad easier. That said, there are some items out there that are supposed to give parents a helping hand (in one case, quite literally), but really just have us shaking our heads. Here are 7 products we’re not so thankful for …  — Rebecca Bohanan

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7 Questionable Parenting Products

The Daddle

This getup just doesn't look enjoyable. Is this the new version of sleeping on the couch? If so, then we may keep it around for bribery.

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0 thoughts on “7 Parenting Products We're NOT Thankful For

  1. Linda Bevier-Vian says:

    About the leash. I would rather have my child on a leash than in the street dead. And that is what I told people when they made comments about him being on a leash like a dog. He would not stay in the stroller and I could not always keep up with him. This 2 year old RAN the length of Balboa Park , you know where the San Diego Zoo is. And still had energy to go to museums or the zoo. Leashes can be a life saver.

  2. Jennifer L says:

    That’s just disturbing.

    I do know people who use the leashes. I prefer hand-holding and teaching safe distance when my child learns independence, but to each their own.

    The heels, though, that’s just disgusting. I wear heels nearly every day, but I wouldn’t buy heels for my daughter before she’s a teenager.

    And after dealing with real bed bugs in a hotel, that stuffed one skeeves me out!

  3. Noelle says:

    I don’t understand the backlash over “leashes”. No, kids aren’t dogs, but if a parent is using it to keep their kid safe (and let’s face it, some kids are just waiting for the chance to dart away from Mom or Dad), who is anyone else to judge?

    Oh, and the fake hands are supposed to be used for NICU babies, not for home use.

  4. Mama2011 says:

    I think that leashes are acceptable. Your baby has but no choice but to stay within range. They are so quick and can be lost in a heartbeat. Some children can be trusted off one,.. but who would want to risk a mishap? I sure wouldn’t be comparing my child to a puppy if it saved her life.

  5. Sherri Edman says:

    I’m a leash supporter, as well. I keep my toddler in an Ergo when we are out, but for the times she wants to be down I’d choose a leash, which allows her some physical activity within a confined range, over a sedentary stroller any day.

  6. Stephanie R. says:

    What is so wrong with the leash? Some NEED it! I am all for it although I have never used it myself. As for the true disturbance on this list… The rolling potty chair! WHAT THE CRAP?!?! Who wants a kid to “play” while the learn to potty?? WOW! And yeah, the hands are for NICU babies!

  7. Laura Phillips says:

    I used a leash for my daughter at crowded events… I wouldn’t use one all the time but in a crowd of thousands of people for sure. Theres a time and place for everything.

  8. Amanda @ Dirt and Boogers says:

    Oh My! Those products are crazy…the hands are a big too disturbing to me. Thanks for the laugh!

  9. Mandy says:

    I love the leash…with 3 kids and one on the way its a life saver….I have a 11 year old almost 3 year old and 11 month also im 6 months pregnant . My son loves his he has it right by his carseat in the car and we get out he remindes me to get this monkey ( its the one with a lil monkey back pack ).If It is a safe place I just tuck the leash part (he calls it his ) and let him play. But other times I hold tight :)

  10. Ali says:

    I love having the leash. Try having two under two and you might change your mind. My son wanted independence, so wouldn’t hold my hand, but he would where his backpack. It was a life saver for airports. It gave him the little bit of freedom he wanted without me having to run after him. I could turn my head and take care of my daughter and not worry he’d be gone. Also, I’d much rather him on a leash getting exercise than sitting in a stroller being pushed.

  11. Corey M says:

    The leash is a safer way to go then the kid running loose. I also think the time out chair is a good idea. If you have a specific place a kid can go for a time out it makes it easier and with less fighting. Kids need structure.

  12. Corey M says:

    For those parents who thinks their kid is going to hold their hand and stay at “a safe distance” you have another thing coming. I have 2 kids and they fight me on holding hands and never stay close by. No amount of talking about safety or time outs work for hand holding. some times my kids will hold my hands but some times they want freedom. The leash lets the kid think they have some freedom to move around while staying safe by.

  13. Kelly V says:

    Our firstborn would not go to sleep unless we were cradling him…while I’m not sure that felt hands would work (I suspect he needed the human touch), I can see the hands being quite a clever idea, IF it works. Anytime we laid him on a flat surface and removed our hands, he’d wake up. We finally had to stuff towels under the edges of the mattress of his bassinet so it curled up around him instead of laying flat…I was always worried about doing that because of SIDS, but after falling asleep on a recliner with him and waking with him facedown in my lap, we thought it was a safer alternative with less chance of smothering him.

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