7 Trendy Detachable Collars


It’s no longer a secret—detachable collars have become a quirky staple on runway models and bloggers alike. When worn correctly, these collars can add instant glamour and polish to any outfit. Keep reading to see my favorite wearable collars!

  • Faux Fur Pointed Collar 1 of 7
    Faux Fur Pointed Collar
    This fur collar will transform an old wool jacket into the perfect winter coat!
    Buy it here at Asos for $8.95
  • Pearl Embellished Collar 2 of 7
    Pearl Embellished Collar
    I'm loving the chic, upscale feel of this jeweled collar.
    Buy it here at Asos for $26.86
  • Leather Peter Pan Collar 3 of 7
    Leather Peter Pan Collar
    I wish all my collars could be cut in a cute Peter Pan style. This detachable collar adds a mod twist to any outfit.
    Buy it here at Asos for $12.53
  • Vintage Lace Peter Pan Collar 4 of 7
    Vintage Lace Peter Pan Collar
    This Victorian-inspired vintage collar has a feminine, antique quality to it.
    Buy it here at Etsy for $208.80
  • Faux Fur Peter Pan Collar 5 of 7
    Faux Fur Peter Pan Collar
    I can't get enough of the faux fur trend. This detachable collar is a perfect way to try out the style.
    Buy it here at Asos for $8.06
  • Art Deco Jeweled Collar 6 of 7
    Art Deco Jeweled Collar
    This art-inspired collar will bring an edgy, rocker vibe to your look. I would love to throw this collar over a tee.
    Buy it here at Pixie Market for $62
  • Retro Detachable Collar 7 of 7
    Retro Detachable Collar
    Add some 1960s flair to a sweater or button-up with this retro collar.
    Buy it here at Etsy for $24.95


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