7 Wackiest Halloween Costumes for Baby from Classic Pranks to Pimps


When you have a baby and it’s Halloween time, you have many options. You can go safe with something cute like a ladybug or a bumble bee. You can go classic with a baby witch or baby Dracula. Or you can get wacky, like really wacky. Some parents see this opportunity to go beyond logic, regular costume styles, or in some cases any kind of class or taste. Here are 7 of the craziest and wackiest costumes for babies.

Above – The Woopie cushion – It’s a classic prank and now it’s a classic costume. Available from $22.99 here.

What’s for dinner? Apparently baby! It may look tasty, but it’s in pretty bad taste.

When alien attacks. This proud parent to a regular cutesy chicken costume and took it way up a notch. A big questionable notch.

It’s Baby Gaga! And this one is pretty vintage Gaga at that. Now if it was made of meat, then we’d really have something to talk about.

This, to me, seems less like Strong Baby and more like Strange Baby. This costume just comes off creepy, but hey one man’s creepy is another man’s cute. Available here $19.99.

Sometimes baby’s  don’t have that nice fresh scent, but this baby has that clean pine smell, at least by looks of it.  $24.99 here.

And last but not least….the Baby Pimp. An interesting parental choice for sure.


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