8 Best Father's Day Gadget Gifts


I don’t know a man alive that doesn’t love a new gadget. There are so many cool toys out there and the guys go gaga for them! This father’s day, make him feel super cool with one of these amazing gadgets.

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    Click through to see what gadgets your dads would like best!

  • iPad 2 of 9

    Just in the off chance he doesn't already have one, an iPad is sure to please.

    Get one here for $329 from Apple.

  • TV Speakers 3 of 9
    gadgets 02

    My husband really wants this. And I have to admit, it's a lot better than having a bunch of speakers spread out all over the room!

    Get it here for $399 from Sharper Image.

  • Record Player 4 of 9
    gadgets 03

    My husband has this and loves it! It plays classic records but can also turn them into digital files. So cool.

    Get it here for $109.95 from Red Envelope

  • Pedal Machine 5 of 9
    gadgets 04

    If one of the dads in your life is constantly stuck behind a desk, try this! Let them know they don't need it, but thought they would like it.

    Get it here for $49.99 from Brookstone

  • No Noise 6 of 9
    gadgets 05

    There's no gift like the gift of silence for Father's Day. 

    Get them here for $79.99 from Brookstone.

  • iPad Foosball 7 of 9
    gadgets 06

    A little unnecessary but he will love it. 

    Get it here for $49.99 from Sharper Image.

  • Watch 8 of 9
    gadgets 07

    A cool new watch might be just the thing he needs.

    Get this one here for $99.99 from Amazon.

  • Tracker 9 of 9
    gadgets 08

    Does he lose his keys all the time? Who doesn't? This rad little device can help him out with that.

    Get it here for $49.99 from Brookstone.

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