8 Festive St. Patrick's Day Party Crafts


I’m not Irish, but that doesn’t stop me from loving St. Patrick’s day! Everything from the shamrocks, the gold, all the green and rainbows. How could I not love a holiday that celebrates rainbows? If you are like me and love St. Patrick’s day, then you are likely thinking about throwing a St. Patrick’s day party. Am I right? I thought so. Luckily, the internet also loves St. Patrick’s day and they’ve got you covered with some pretty rad crafts you can make to help make your party extra special. Whether it’s a party for kids, or one for us grown ups, there is some awesome craft for every type of party! My favorite from this round up is probably the honeycomb shamrocks. I have a little obsession with honeycomb crafts, so of course if you make a shamrock or two out of the stuff, I am going to love it! A great perk about this group of St. Patrick’s day party crafts is there is something for every skill set! There is one that is as easy as sticking some sticks into a cake. Seriously! You can do these and you most definitely should. Take a look at these 8 festive and fun St. Patrick’s day party crafts!

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  • Hat Favors 2 of 9
    st. patrick's party 01

    These adorable little hats would be so much fun to give out as party favors to any St. Patrick's day guests you might have. They might take a while to make, but they are totally worth it, right?

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  • Giant Shamrock Streamers 3 of 9
    st. patrick's party 02

    I'm a fan of anything giant so these streamers are right up my ally. These are super easy to make and would look fantastic hanging on your walls as decor for your party. 

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  • Party Fringe 4 of 9
    St. Patrick's party 03

    Of course, if you are going to throw a St. Patrick's day bash you have to make sure you look awesome too! This super easy and fun fringe would be the perfect thing to wear and add to your party decor at the same time. 

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  • Treat Bags 5 of 9
    St. Patrick's party 04

    How cute are these lucky horse shoe treat bags? They would be so cute to have at a St. Patrick's day party for kids, or for anyone really. Just print them off and quickly put them together for a fast and easy party favor your guests will love. 

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  • Cake Topper 6 of 9
    St. Patrick's party 05

    I might have a tiny obsession with rock candy. It's just so bright and pretty! So you can imagine how this easy cake topper caught my eye. Isn't it fun? I love the bright colors against the white cake. 

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  • Poppers 7 of 9
    st. patrick's party 06

    It wouldn't be a party without some poppers, right? I love these rainbow candy poppers. The leprechaun faces kill me. Your guests will have a blast popping these open to reveal the treats inside. 

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  • Shamrock Honeycomb 8 of 9
    St. Patrick's party 07

    Oh I do love me some honeycomb! These adorable shamrocks would be the perfect touch to your St. Patrick's day party. You really don't need much else by way of decorations. These perfect shamrocks will do the trick.

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  • Wreath 9 of 9
    St. Patrick's party 08

    If you are going for a more sophisticated party this St. Patrick's day, this wreath would be perfect. Even if you aren't throwing a party, you should probably make this wreath just to have around as decor. I know I will! 

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