8 Pretty Planters to Garden Indoors This Fall


One of the biggest cons about moving from the warmer weather into the colder months is the lack of gardening. I love working with all that pretty greenery! But just because it’s chillier outdoors doesn’t mean the gardening has to end. .. not all of it, anyway. Bring the greenery indoors this fall with some of these pretty planters! They are simple and pretty and will look amazing with your favorite plants and flowers you’re not quite ready to part with. Trust me, you’ll love them.

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  • Watercolor 2 of 9
    planters 01

    This is just too pretty. Even a dead plant would look great in this planter. 

    Get it here for $48 from Leif.

  • Copper 3 of 9
    planters 02

    This copper pot would look amazing on your end table. I'm just saying. 

    Get it here for $20 from Leif.

  • Metal 4 of 9
    planters 03

    A simple galvanized planter is perfect for colorful planted flowers. I love this one. So pretty! 

    Get it here for $24.99 from Ikea.

  • Threaded 5 of 9
    planters 04

    This looks like it should cost a lot more than it does. I love all the colorful threads! 

    Get it here for $5.99 from Ikea.

  • Gray Weave 6 of 9
    planters 05

    This one is just so pretty. I love the simple gray weaved into the basket. And again, you can't beat that price. 

    Get it here for $29.99 from Ikea.

  • Mini Pastels 7 of 9
    planters 06

    I want 100 of these scattered around my home. So pretty and perfect for little succulents. 

    Get it here for $36 from Leif.

  • Bowl 8 of 9
    planters 07

    I really love this super simple, cement-like planter. It would look amazing with a ton of super colorful flowers in it, don't you think? 

    Get it here for $59.99 from Crate & Barrel.

  • Dots 9 of 9
    planters 08

    This would look amazing in my kitchen. I love the pretty dots and simple white pot. Simple and perfect. 

    Get it here for $28 from Leif.

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