8 Super Cute Zero Waste Lunch Ideas


So many schools are moving toward a ‘zero waste’ requirement for lunches these days. Is yours? My little girl starts preschool next week and that will be our first foray into the world of school, so I had no idea about these new requirements. I have to say though, that I rather like the idea! Inspired, I began searching for some stylish options…

Here are eight great, zero waste, lunch and snack bags that blend great style and function!


  • Complete Lunch Kit 1 of 8
    Complete Lunch Kit
    Complete with snack wraps in great prints.
    Available for $45 at Magic Cabin
  • Polkadot Snack Skin 2 of 8
    Polkadot Snack Skin
    Replace plastic with turquoise polkadots!
    Available for $9 at Green To Go
  • Melamine Stacked Tins 3 of 8
    Melamine Stacked Tins
    What a cute way to carry lunch!
    Available for $20 at Pearl River
  • A Bento Box 4 of 8
    A Bento Box
    Completely customizable.
    Available for $40 at Laptop Lunches
  • Pattern for Sandwiches 5 of 8
    Pattern for Sandwiches
    More places for pattern mixing? Yes please.
    Available for $9 at The Container Store
  • The Owl and the Polkadot 6 of 8
    The Owl and the Polkadot
    Who knew lunch could be so cute?
    Available for $70 at Pottery Barn Kids
  • Stainless Steel Lunchbox 7 of 8
    Stainless Steel Lunchbox
    One thing to clean, with no plastics. Plus magnets? Sold!
    Available from $40 at Planet Lunchbox
  • Simple and Easy 8 of 8
    Simple and Easy
    Quick, colorful and super cheap.
    Available from $5 at The Container Store


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