8 Trips I Want to Take Right Now!


In my dream life, I spend the majority of the time traveling and the minority of the year at home. I love traveling and just talking about it gets me anxious to hop on an airplane or take off on a road trip. Whether it’s a day trip or a month long adventure to Europe, I am pretty much up for anything. I think every place is interesting.  At the moment though, these are a few of the places I am dreaming of for a visit. What’s on your list?

  • Maine 1 of 8
    I used to go to the Maine coast as a kid and have returned on a few occasions as an adult. I want to visit friends in New England and have a vacation by the seaside in Maine. Lobster roll, please!
    Photo from Visit Maine.
  • Argentina 2 of 8
    I have some family living in Argentina right now and I figure it's a perfect excuse to take my first trip to South America. My mom emailed me this photo and I was sold.
  • Midsummer in Sweden 3 of 8
    Midsummer in Sweden
    Call me a bore, but I want to go back to Sweden again and again and again. The highlight of last year, was my first Swedish Midsummer. This traditional Swedish holiday features a maypole, dancing, flower crowns, picnics in the grass, and delicious food. As with everything Swedish, the whole experience is just delightful.
    Photo from Frolic!.
  • San Francisco 4 of 8
    San Francisco
    It's only an hour flight from me, but somehow this trip always alludes me. If I had it my way, I'd take a road trip down the coast to get there. My oldest friend lives in SF and plus, I just love this sunny city for the shopping, scenery and of course the food.
    Photo from San Francisco Tours.
  • England 5 of 8
    I want to visit the bluebells, relatives in Dorset, eat Indian food in London, and visit my grandmother's hometown in Yorkshire! England is always calling me.
    Photo from Visit Dorset.
  • Cape Town 6 of 8
    Cape Town
    Everyone I talk to who has traveled the world says this is their favorite city. I've never been to Africa and it's been a dream since I was a little girl. I'd love to make this my first stop.
    Photo from Cape Town Travel.
  • Seattle 7 of 8
    Just a few hours from where I live now, and a stones throw from my hometown, Seattle has grown on me throughout the years. My favorite part: The water! Also, you can't beat Pike Place Market in the springtime.
    Photo from Frolic!.
  • Vancouver BC 8 of 8
    Vancouver BC
    Vancouver has everything. The mountains, the sea, a cool European vibe, and super friendly people. I'd love to go back.
    Photo from Tourism Vancouver.

Chelsea Fuss is a blogger and prop stylist based in Portland who blogs daily at Frolic!

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