A Bento Box and Lunch Bag in One!


My son loves variety when it comes to lunch. On a typical day I’ll offer baby raw carrots and hummus, cherry tomatoes, cheddar cheese cubes, chicken nuggets (or rolled up ham/turkey) and apple slices. At home a sectioned off plate works great, but school is another story.

Sending baggies or a mish-mosh of food in one big Tupperwear to his school can be annoying for his teachers (they’ll have to assist in opening the baggies). It’s also a little ” yucky” for my son (who wants a bunch of foods that have been sloshed together? Not me — and certainly not my kiddo).

Solution: I found a great Bento Box Lunch Bag option. Keep reading to learn more.

The Go Green Bento Box and (included) stainless steel drink bottle all fit conveniently inside the insulated carrying case (choose from five bright designs — Confetti is pictured above). The green, eco-friendly plastic lunch box has five Bento Box-style compartments (it’s very easy to open and close — my almost-three-year-old can handle it!).

Gasket bands insure a leak-proof seal when the lunch box is closed, so don’t worry about your child knocking it around on the school bus.


Have fun filling it up! Tell me, what types of goodies do your kids love for lunch?

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