A Better Bed for Baby?


Kalon Echo CribIf you’re a mom with modern tastes, your nursery furniture options have expanded exponentially in recent years. The latest entry to the cool crib category comes from LA-based Kalon Studios, and boy is she a looker. With a subtly rounded silhouette and hefty Maple base, the Echo crib appears both soft and strong—just the combo you want for your newbie.

So you might be wondering, how much will this fine design cost me? The crib is no bargain, coming in just shy of $1200. BUT it’s important to note that you’re not just paying for style here. Echo, like all of Kalon’s pieces, is seriously green. Made entirely of solid sustainably-harvested domestic Maple, it’s built to last, maybe for generations. It is also totally non-toxic and biodegradable; the glues are water-based (i.e. no formaldehyde) and that lovely white finish is a milk-based paint (yes, milk!). Plus every crib is made to order in New England and hand-finished locally.

So, is it worth it? Many of us, when we become parents, see green living in a whole new light. Choosing all-natural products is not just about protecting the ecosystem, it’s about protecting your child’s health. Choosing renewable materials is not just about the future—it’s about your child’s future. And we understand when we make these choices, whether it’s buying organic blueberries or subbing in non-toxic cleaning supplies, that we are going to pay a little extra. But does that commitment extend to big ticket purchases? Do you care if your furniture is made green? Will you splurge for it? Weigh in.

Kalon Echo Toddler Conversion

The Echo crib converted to toddler bed

Kalon Echo Dresser

The Echo dresser

Photos: Kalon Studios