A Printable Doll House That's Affordable and Adorable


There are (roughly) a bagillion doll houses on the market: from modern to victorian, handmade to mass-produced, eco-friendly to traditional. They’re all fabulous, unique and, yes, pricey. For those on a budget, like myself, there’s no need to spend hundreds for an imaginative, stylish, playful doll house. Not when there’s printable doll houses at the Etsy shop Fantastic Toys.

Assembly is required — but in a fun arts-and-crafts way, not an afternoon of drilling and painting. In fact, it would be a fun project for a young girl.

You’ll need cardboard, double-sided tape, chipboard, glue, scissors and toothpicks — along with the $10 downloadable PDF. After a little cutting and gluing, you’ll have a precious storybook cottage. For that price, you could make a whole village of little doll houses.

Furniture, characters and landscaping PDFs are sold separately at $4. Click through to see all of the printable additions and the adorable finished product:


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