A DIY Round-Up! 9 Awesome Ideas



This month I collected a few DIYs  – just for a mini DIY round-up of sorts.  From hand painted plates by Mormorsglamour to a stack of ombre cording bracelets by Flamingo Toes. Lots of good things here – that I thought would be fun to share.  Check out the links below.

1.  Hand painted plates | Mormorsglamour
2.  Crochet pouf | Mormorsglamour
3.  Decoupaged letters | Ideasmag
4.  Embroidered printable tea cup | Next to Nicx
5.  Wheel Stitch Block Tutorial | Crochet Dad
6.  Notebook Printable | The Red Thread Blog
7.  Stacked Ombre Cording Bracelets |  Flamingo Toes
8.  Crochet hanging baskets | Sort of Pink
9.  A rather nice hack |  Katrines Interior (inspiration only – no DIY)