A DIY Social Network for Kids


Picnic Table Ramp by Trickster is a newly launched DIY community for kids who make.  The site designed by the designer of Vimeo (Zach Klein) allows children to create their own portfolio of things they make (crafts, artwork, etc.) and share them online with other kids and family.  The site’s ambition is for it to be the first app and online community in every kid’s life.  Their hope is to “give kids a place online to show off their work so family, friends and grandparents can see it and easily respond”. On their blog they state, “Recognition makes a kid feel great, and motivates them to keep going. We want them to keep making, and by doing so learn new skills, use technology constructively, begin a lifelong adventure of curiosity, and hopefully spend time offline too”.

The site promotes itself as a safe community and encourages parents involvement from approving and helping their child setup an account to following their kid ‘s activities, ensuring that they aren’t posting anything private. Parents can also show their support by giving their kids fun virtual stickers for each project.

A cool space to encourage kids to be inventive and participate in the future online world safely.

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