A Dream House for Design-Savvy Dolls


Emerson House by Brinca DadaI first laid eyes on this beautiful piece of architecture back in January. Not on a modern house tour, or in the pages of a glossy design magazine, but inside a convention center, at a trade show, sitting atop a folding table. Yes, though it looks much like the legendary midcentury abodes that inspired it, it’s a dollhouse. One of the coolest I’ve seen, with amazing details like recessed LED lighting, sliding glass doors, and hardwood floors. And after months of waiting, it’s finally available for sale as of today!

Designed by an actual architect, the Emerson house is the first introduction from a new toy company called Brinca Dada (from the Brazilian word for plaything). Their philosophy is “Beautiful Fun” and they strive to make toys that inspire creativity in kids, and provide eye-candy for parents. Emerson is a great example. It’s visually striking, but it is truly meant to be played with, and pivots open to provide kids easy access to the interior rooms.

Emerson House by Brinca Dada

Joining the product line later this fall will be a collection of modern furniture to fill the house, a family of posable wooden dolls to live there, and another supercool residence, the Bennett.

Brinca Dada Dollhouse Furniture

Brinca Dada Modern Doll Family

Bennett Dollhouse by Brinca Dada

Photos: Brinca Dada

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