A Fresh Take On Silhouette Jewelry


silhouette jewelry necklace Le Papier StudioAre you so over silhouettes? I am not. I know they are everywhere and overused and I still think they’re fantastic. I love them framed on the wall. I love them on tea towels. I love them as vinyl decals. Every time I think I’ve seen the last of them, some new iteration is born to make me fall in love all over again.

This silhouette necklace by Le Papier Studio is the perfect example. I’ve seen silhouettes in jewelry before — typically in a locket or stamped into a ceramic piece. But this is the first time I’ve seen the silhouette as a stand alone charm.

Don’t you think it feels fresh?

If you’re into silhouettes too, go take a peek at Le Papier Studio’s necklace collection. So many great variations. I think it would be absolutely adorable to have a silhouette of your child’s face hanging near your heart.

silhouette jewelry necklace Le Papier Studio

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