A Low-Cost Alternative To The iPad For Capturing Your Thoughts



Sometimes the features on new gadgetry can be overwhelming—you might just need a simple tablet without the bells and whistles.  The NoteSlate, set to release on the market in June 2011, is just that—a beautifully designed tablet without the extra amenities.  It takes pencil and paper into the digital world while maintaining the simplicity of the trusty notepad.

The NoteSlate is a lightweight, compact, and portable tablet perfect for jotting down notes, on-the-go sketches, and anything else you’d need a pencil and paper for.  All notes are saved and can be retrieved later or exported through a USB mini or SD card.  When you write on the tablet, it has a great pencil-like wooden feedback so you’ll feel like you’re using the real thing.


What’s great about the NoteSlate is that your kids can use it too – no more mad rushes to find scribble paper.  It has three easy buttons to navigate save, delete, and show last screen, limiting the confusion for a user of any age.  Plus, it fits slimly into any palm.  Don’t worry about your little ones forgetting to turn it off—it has 180 hours of battery life!  An added bonus: it has a headphone jack for listening to music that can be directly imported to the device.

To read more about the NoteSlate and find more information on release dates, visit their website!


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