A Lunchbox Full of Socks: Yum!


Have a toddler headed to school for the first time this Fall? Why not give him a functional gift? I’m talking about something he can wear and play with.

Scratching your head? What am I talking about? Keep reading for the socks scoop.Hank & JoJo Retro Tube Socks of course! The bestselling socks used to only be available in infant size (boo!), but now they’re sold in 2T to 4T (yipppeeee!) Four pair of unisex Earthy-tone socks come packaged in an adorable old-school tin lunch box.

My son loves the lunchbox as much as I love the funky socks. He packs it with Matchbox cars and other treasures and it’s also a great toy for “playing” school on a rainy day. In addition, it’s just big enough to hold a small juice box + bag of crackers, so it’s a special way to tote a snack to school or the park.

Makes an awesome Back-to-School gift for a first-timer!


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