A Meaningful Thanksgiving Tradition Everyone Will Love


It’s so easy to forget the point of Thanksgiving and completely overlook the part about “giving thanks”! With all that delicious pie awaiting consumption, who can blame us?  But making a Thanksgiving holiday meaningful is something every host wishes and here is the perfect way to do just that.  This simple tradition requires little planning, little effort, little time, yet brings a heartwarming tone to the table.

While guests arrive, hand each of them (including children), one of these cards–it might be a good idea to have different designs on hand.  Then, ask them to write at least one thing down on the card to be shared ’round the Thanksgiving table, and to also include their name on the back of the card.  After sharing them with each other one-by-one, round up the cards, hold punch them and then string ribbon through the cards.  Now you have a meaningful keepsake, which will later serve as inspiration for next year’s celebration!

Paper Source “I am thankful for” cards – $7 for a set of 10

Also, here’s what you can make if homemade rolls sound daunting. And, here is a simple, stylish way to package up those inevitable leftovers!