A Mini-Mobile Outhouse : Potty Training in Privacy


Potty training can be a enormous challenge for both the parents and their toddler. You must ensure that they are ready, willing and able. And sometimes you have to do whatever you can to make the process of potty training as pleasurable as possible, as much as you can at least.

While some children have no qualms about going number 1 or number 2 in front of anyone and everyone, others like to have their privacy. They need their alone time when learning to go. For them there is …the French Ma Cacabane by Pirouette Cacahouete. For those who are using a toddler potty, this closet gives them their own space, with a door. It’s like a mini-mobile outhouse!

The cardboard house, which is made from recycled materials, features whimsical kid friendly drawings by Marie Paruit. Their own little illustration filled closet. The Ma Cacabane is available here for 36.00 € or about $47 US, shipping from France, well that can get pricey. But making potty training easier? That’s priceless. Find out more here!

Via Bambino Goodies