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I recently weaned my baby (who isn’t exactly a baby anymore) and ladies, you feel me. What once was . . . is no longer.

Pregnancy and nursing has a way of wreaking havoc on a body. Not necessarily always for the worse, but you definitely aren’t shaped the same way after baby as you were before sperm met ovum. For example, my rib cage. My rib cage is wider than it was before I got pregnant with Huck. Can I blame it on all the kicking? I have no idea. Also, while I’m saggy and deflated and pathetic in ways I never imagined, I’m also still somehow not quite as flat as I used to be, before pregnancy gave me that glorious B cup I treasured so much. So what’s a girl to do? Bra shopping is way less fun than even shopping for a pair of jeans, why is that?

True&Co emailed me a few weeks ago to see if my post-nursing bod would like to try out their online services. I was skeptical but said yes — my old bras were so ill-fitting I’d just stopped wearing them all together.

Here’s howTrue&Co works: First you fill out an online survey filled with, uh . . . detailed questions about your boobs and their behavioral patterns. Then you get to pick three bras from a line-up that is selected just for you to fit your ladies best. And then! (the best part, in my opinion) True&Co sends you two bras hand selected by their experts to be a perfect fit for you. So, you get 5 bras to play with, in the comfort of your own home, for a fully refundable $45. When you decide which you’d like to keep, you send the rest back. (Did I mention free shipping both ways?) True&Co then bills you only for the bras you’ve kept. Genius.

When the box arrived I was so excited. I’ve never seen so many pretty, lacy, feminine bras. I was certain none of them would fit and I’d be sending them all back, but miraculously (and even though they were the same size as my old, ill-fitting bras), each and every one of the bras fit perfectly. Not only that, but they were all so pretty, and dainty, and feminine. Instantly I felt like a woman when I put them on. Sexy, even? Yes, sexy.

Also getting bras in the mail feels sort of scandalous in a fun, cheeky kind way.

This week True&Co is offering 10% off any order with the promo code  TRUENAT44 (through April 15). Should you be in need of a lingerie refresher, I’d definitely recommend filling out that quiz and giving it a try!

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