A Serious Case of Girl Dress Envy


Baby Eggi Must Have Girls DressOh those frilly summer dresses! As a mom who got the boy side of the coin (and yes, I’m happy about it now), I admit to having some serious girl envy whenever I see an amazing new dress. But I feel for those of you with girls, too: When it comes to cute girl dresses, how do you do it? Aren’t there just too many amazing styles to choose from?

There’s retro, edgy, minimalist chic, over the top frilly, and all sorts of wildly imaginative looks that can turn even the most stoic and poker-faced moms into a cooing and ahhing mess.

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Still, with all the gazillions of frocks I see every day, I was especially taken with this Baby Eggi empire number. The stripes, the bow, the bubble skirt, the bright colors. It’s the perfect mix of feminine and edge that I have seen.

Lucky for me, Baby Eggi has plenty of cool stuff for boys as well as girls, including designs by celebrity tattoo artist . And 20 percent of all proceeds go to kids charity, so this is style and philanthropy at its best.

So while I won’t be buying this dress (except maybe for some very lucky friends with daughters), I can still dream that one day I will have a little girl to call my own and that somehow, maybe, hopefully, this dress will still be in stock.

>>Giveaway: Tell us about your favorite dress style and you could win a girl’s item and a boy’s item of your choice from Baby Eggi!

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