A Whole New Reason to Smile


Look, I like to keep a tidy looking house as much as the next mom. But when it comes to my son’s part of the kitchen, let’s just say it’s kind of like the Bermuda Triangle of counter tops. Look closely (or don’t, depending on your mess tolerance) and you’ll find every plate, cup and feeding set imaginable.

While mealtime in toddler-land is rarely a pleasant experience, it doesn’t have to be so complicated. In fact, I’m willing to do a huge purge and just get rid of it all if I could outfit my whole kichen, and now house, with Smiling Planet bowls, plates, pillows and tees.

Thankfully, Smiling Planet has just revamped their entire site to introduce the launch of new items to their already wildly popular collection.

Click through to view all the new items…

Look for an entirely new bowl collection, infant tees, coloring book, and pillows. And did we mention how eco fabulous and smile-inducing all of this is…

Featuring all their gorgeous signature designs, Smiling Planet plates and bowls have zero BPA, phthalates, lead or toxic inks. The clothing is made from organic cotton and safe inks. The pillows are made with organic cotton and filled with “eco-spun” recycled fibers. And their books are printed on paper that is certified sustainable.

Now if only I could figure out a way to cover my entire house and family with the Smiling Planet line, I would definitely have more reasons to smile every day.