Would You Add a Scooter To Your Stroller? (Because You Can!)


I wrote yesterday about the Sidekick Stand from Orbit which was really cool, but stroller company phil&teds had a different but still really fun wheeled board to put on your stroller – the Free Rider.

The Free Rider is pretty much exactly what it looks like from the picture – a scooter for your kids that attaches to the back of a stroller so you can push them around. It’s really a toddler scooter with two front wheels and one back wheel. The back wheel folds down lower when it’s in scooter mode and folds out for more clearance when it’s in wheeled board mode. And similarly to the Sidekick Stand, it attaches to the stroller on the side to make walking behind the stroller easier (though it is still between the handles of the stroller).

It’s a really cool idea, but my question for the people at phil&teds was, what happens when you bring it to a place where scooters aren’t allowed and some security guard hassles you about it? Fortunately the handle for the scooter can also be detached. (I can also envision moments of – “Behave or I’ll take the handle bars off!”)

The Free Rider currently works with the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle and the Mountain Buggy Duo and they have plans to also make attachments that will work with other major stroller brands. It’s not up on the website yet, but it should be available for $99 sometime in December at –Chris Ford