Add Peace and Tranquility to Your Baby Nursery


When I first got pregnant (at 22 years old), I had an uncontrollable urge to rebel against anything traditionally “mom-ish.” In choosing baby decor, I steered clear away from obnoxious cartoon characters, blindingly bright walls and anything else over-the-top. My goal was to create a peaceful aura in the baby nursery; I only wish someone would have shown me what I’m about to show you:

I’m a loyal letterpress lover, but I never thought to take it past stationary and wedding invitations. However the simple, clean, textured design creates that calming, understated element that I was searching for in baby decor.

Ink + Wit is offering limited-edition letterpress posters on its Web site, as well as its corresponding Etsy shop Tarahogan, which is where I found the elephant letterpress featured at the top of the page. I love the gender neutrality and soft colors.

Sycamore Street Press always has fantastic options for letterpress admirers, including these letters and numbers which come in a variety of color combinations. See their other nursery-friendly letterpress posters here.

I love the soft pink-and-green combination for a little girl’s nursery. You can find this one at sweetbeets.

For a 3D letterpress experience, I’m smitten over this letterpress paper house kit from 1canoe2. Each kit comes with three houses, 7 trees and a letterpress background. All you need is a glue stick, ruler and pair of scissors to assemble. Just lovely.