Add Some Veggies to Your T-shirt Diet with Tomat


Tomat cool tshirts for kids graphic toddler tees

Fact: T-shirts are the mainstay in 90% of American’s wardrobe. Maybe 95%. Maybe even 100%. And the t-shirt habit starts early. So I keep a fierce lookout for anything new and cool on the t-shirt front.

Tomat’s tees definitely count as new and cool. Founded by a graphic designer from Indonesia, where color, art and design are a mainstay of the cultural diet, Tomat’s clothing is a fun, stylish and full of energy.

Extra bonus: Tomat’s clothing is made from 100% organic cotton and is completely sweat-shop free. Even the inks are water-based.

Click through to find out why you should pick out a Tomat tee sooner than later…

If you see a design you like, I’d suggest buying it right away, because each Tomat design is limited production only.

Tomat cool tshirts for kids graphic toddler dresses

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