All I Want For Christmas is 1981. A Retro Gift Guide for a Flashback Holiday Season.


The Holiday season is all about nostalgia, right? So, come on. We know what you really want this time of year….you want to party like it’s 1981. Also, how can that possibly be 30 years ago? It will honestly seem like yesterday when you check out this gift list. And admit it, you totally want everything on here. If only for the flashback value…

Keep reading after the jump to see how many of these you forgot about (and how many you want again)!

Artwork from Musicophilia.

Retro Christmas Barrettes

Roller Skates!

Bonnie Bell Dr. Pepper Lip Smaker Lip Gloss.

You know you want this so much.

Vintage Tshirts:

Shaun Cassidy



The Muppet Show

Mork and Mindy

Leg warmers.

There are leg warmers for days on Etsy. Go.

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