Amazing Bohemian Trailer Home in France


Bohemian Trailer Home in France

Pierre Arnoux collects old trailers, buses and caravans and remodels them into charming homes for rent, each with a unique theme. This one in particular follows a “bohemian deco” theme and sits in a beautiful garden just outside Deauville, France.

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    Bohemian Trailer in France
    The trailer features a mix of vintage and bold pops of color.
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    Bohemian Trailer in France
    One side of the trailer has been blanketed with mirrors to give the illusion of space.
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    Bohemian Trailer in France
    The charming bedroom is a very comfortable space that is open to the rest of the home. The bold punches of color breathes life into the surrounding white walls.
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    Bohemian Trailer in France
    A small bathroom features a former community center stainless steel sink that is used as a bathtub


Visit the Le Journal de la Maison website for more information!



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