Amazing Chocolate Planets


Planet Chocolate

An absolutely gorgeous set of eight chocolates representing each planet in the solar system. (Sorry, Pluto fans.) Love!

Each planet features a delectable combination of ganache and cocoa:

• Mercury — lemon ganache with mango and coconut.

• Venus — white chocolate ganache with subtle lemon and sour cream

• Earth — plain ganache with the taste of original gangway cocoa

• Mars — orange ganache and praline

• Jupiter — bittersweet chocolate ganache blended with milk and rich Tahitian vanilla

• Saturn — Kikaseta rum raisin ganache with bitter chocolate

• Uranus — milk chocolate ganache blended with milk and tea

• Neptune — cappuccino and cinnamon ganache

Unfortunately, the only place I’ve found selling the chocolates is the Rihga Royal Hotel Gourmet Store (website in Japanese). If anyone knows a domestic retailer, please share in the comments!

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