Amazing Folk Art Calendars


Folk Art Desk Calendar

A perfect gift for the paper obsessed, this collection of calendars and agendas features beautiful patterns painstakingly cut with an Xacto knife by Polish designer Victoria Wiercinski.

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Folk Art Desk Calendar ($20)

Folk Art Desk Calendar

This large desk calendar features 24 blank months with 5 different background patterns as well as 2011 and 2012 calendars. The pages are perforated for easy removal once you’re done with the month.

Agenda Planner ($40)

Agenda Planner

Agenda Planner

A unique annual planner with lovely patterned interior pages. Two years’ worth of calendars and one year’s worth of space so you can stop and start any time, and a sheet of folk art stickers to boot. It features patterned note paper at the back, too!

Deluxe Agenda Planner ($45)

Agenda Deluxe Planner

Agenda Softcover Planner

Agenda Planner

Agenda Planner

This deluxe version of the Agenda Planner features a 3-color hand silk-screened cover as well as a bonus polka-dot pocket on the back cover. So cool!

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