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I love everything from this site. Their home goods are so quirky and fun. And white: the perfect party serving ware color.  Check out this awesome collection of goods from IMM Living. They don’t sell their goods directly, but certain items can be found for sale around the web if you love them as much as me and can’t live with out them.

  • Quirky Home Goods 1 of 11

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  • Trophy Cake Stands 2 of 11
    imm 01

    I can't express how badly I want these. So so perfect. 

    See more here from IMM Living

  • Animal Cake Stands 3 of 11
    imm 02

    I love them all, but the bunny is seriously calling my name.

    See more here on IMM Living

  • Mini Vessels 4 of 11
    imm 03

    These are so cute. They would look especially adorable with a little flower in them. 

    See more here on IMM Living

  • Gnome Container 5 of 11
    imm 04

    As if a gnome container isn't awesome enough, add a gold hat and it has to be mine. 

    See more here on IMM Living.

  • Animal Serving Dishes 6 of 11
    imm 05

    These would be perfect for a baby shower or any spring gathering. That rabbit is killing me. 

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  • White Board Ribbons 7 of 11
    imm 06

    So fun and functional. Gimme. 

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  • Animal Rug Trays 8 of 11
    imm 07

    I mean, they're cute and funny, right? 

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  • Flowers Clock 9 of 11
    imm 08

    It's a sweet feminine touch. I love that you can place the flowers however you like! 

    See more here on IMM Living

  • Bird Cookie Jars 10 of 11
    imm 09

    I'm partial to the big one. More cookies. 

    See more here on IMM Living

  • Stamps 11 of 11
    imm 10

    These porcelain stamps are fantastic. I want them all! 

    See more here on IMM Living

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