An Adoption Gift to Celebrate the Journey


adoption gift necklace Belkai DesignThe process of adoption takes a special kind of patience. If you’re adopting a child from a foreign country, that patience will need to be multiplied by some factor of bajillion. Anyone who has taken this journey, or watched their friends or loved ones go through this process, knows about the joy and celebration that happens when parents and child are finally united.

As you might expect, anyone watching would be inclined to spoil the precious child with gifts. Of course! But I love the idea of giving an adoption gift to the parents as well. These Adoption Journey necklaces by Belkai Designs would be perfect.

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It’s such a simple remind of where the journey started. A pretty little map, hanging on a silver chain. It’s easy to imagine the child seeing her mother wearing the necklace through the years and then inheriting it as she becomes an adult. A subtle reminder to acknowledge her roots and take pride in them.

adoption gift necklace Belkai Design

Have you ever given an adoption gift? What sorts of things do you like to give?

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