An Easier, Smarter OSCARS Game Idea


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oscars 2013

I don’t know about you, but I’m an award-show junkie. I watch the Emmys for the bragging rights (that’s my favorite show!), the Grammys for the entertainment, the MTV VMAs for the low-brow nostalgia — I’ll even watch the Teen Choice Awards for those awkward giant surfboard awards that no one really wants to store in their mansions.

But the Oscars®? That’s when I get all high and mighty.

I maybe get to see one — two? — movies a year (what with finding a babysitter, finding the time, etc.), so it’s not like I’m a big movie buff. But I sure act like one during the Oscars.

I put my son to bed nice and early, critique the dresses like any red-blooded woman, and maybe even wear my fancy PJs on the couch. But I especially like to make predictions, follow along via Twitter and Facebook to see what everyone else is picking, and then gloat when I win. (And make a mental-note to Netflix them in a couple months).

And I’ve already downloaded an app that makes my competitive Oscars game — not to mention the entire Oscars watching experience — that much easier. And better. And funner. (Yep, funner.)


The official Oscars app has a bunch of really cool features that I’ll totally be using — especially the Backstage Pass, which has over a dozen live streams taking us behind-the-scenes, from the red carpet to backstage DURING the award show.

But the feature I’m most excited about is called “My Picks,” where you not only pick your favorites in each category (you can even watch trailers before making your picks, perfect for those who tend to take stabs in the dark, like me) BUT YOU CAN PLAY AGAINST YOUR FRIENDS.

And it’s all in a very aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-navigate interface, whether you’re playing on your iPhone or iPad.

If you download the app before Sunday (which is when the Oscars will air on ABC), you can get your pre-Oscars fix with features like “Nominees Stories,” fashion sketches, and even food and drink ideas for anyone hosting fancy Oscars parties.

Download the official Oscars app (which, by the way, totally free), and learn more about the Oscars.