An Inflatable Car Seat. Really.


I saw this inflatable car seat over at LilSugar, and I have to know what you think. As I’ve mentioned, I’m consumed with all things travel now that I’m preparing for a cross-country trek with my toddler. Oh how tempting it would be to leave my bulky car seat at home (along with the hefty airport fee for checking it) and pull a car seat out of my bag. Talk about the ultimate in travel gear.

And then there’s the logical side of me…

The Easy Car Seat ($87) is a blow-up booster seat for kids 3 years and up that blows up in 30 seconds, installs in 1 minute and weighs a little over 1 pound.

But can it possibly be safe? For a 3 year old?

The company claims that the car seat itself was made by a “leading automobile interior manufacturer” in Europe, fully compliant with EU and USA Vehicle Safety Standards. And because, I’m assuming, there are more skeptical parents out there besides me, they give the specifics on their safety and crash tests. But a bunch of federal regulation numbers won’t convince me that this car seat is completely safe, as much as it would revolutionize family travel.

Take a look at the Easy Car Seat video and let us know what you think:

[via LilSugar]

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