An Instant Baby Shower Photo Album


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A few weeks ago I hosted a baby shower for a friend. She’s a champion documenter, so I knew I wanted to do something special as a memorable takeaway for her. So throughout the party I had a friend take photos and I also had advice cards for the guests to fill out. While guests were occupied with the opening of gifts, I instantly sent the photos to my HP printer then compiled them with the cards to create a photo album. The mom-to-be was pleasantly surprised by the instant documentation and was happy to take it home as a memento. Here’s how to do the same for your next party (it’s painless, I promise):

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  • Instant Shower Photos 2 of 8

    A few weeks ago I hosted a baby shower for a friend. As a memorable takeaway for her, I had a friend snap photos at the beginning of the party and then sent them instantly to my  HP Envy printer. By the time she was opening presents, some lovely images were printed off and ready to share.

  • Advice for the New Parents 3 of 8

    Sitting out on the table were advice cards (that I printed out before the party began) for the guests to fill out for the parents-to-be. I loved reading through the advice people shared.

  • Well Wishes For Baby 4 of 8

    The second set of cards were labeled well wishes for baby. I can imagine the child reading and enjoying these when they're older.

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    After printing out the photos right at home and compiling the advice cards, the album was ready to put together.

  • Album Pages 6 of 8

    I used photo corners to adhere the photos and double sided tape to adhere the cards on opposite pages so they correlated with the guest pictured and their words of advice.

  • Shower Detail Photos 7 of 8

    I also included photos of the baby shower details in the album.

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    Compiling the album couldn't have been easier and it was a sweet momentum for the mom-to-be to take home and read through and share.