An iPhone 3GS for under $50


If you’d told me last year that an iPhone 3GS would be available for just $50, I wouldn’t have believed you.  The discount is just too incredible!  As a Mom, I’ve put that iPhone 3GS to use for just about everything–grocery lists, recording special moments with my children, grabbing recipes, recording music, updating the family calendar, and making notes for possible Christmas gifts.

Continue reading to find out where to buy the iPhone 3GS for under $50, what colors it comes in and why I like the iPhone 3GS more than the iPhone 4…

Basically, my life has changed (and improved) as a result of owning the iPhone 3GS.  I realize the iPhone 4 is out and available, but honestly I enjoy the iPhone 3GS so much better.  It’s smoother, more minimal in feel and appearance, and more attractive.  If you’ve been holding out for an iPhone, this is the time to snatch one up!  This is an amazing price!

Apple / AT & T – both for $49 (8GB–more than enough for an active mom!).  Charger and earphones included. The iPhone 3GS for $49 is only available in black.

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