Andre Walker Hair Products - How To Get One of Oprah's Favorite Things!


Andre Walker

One of the things that Oprah Winfrey gave out on her Oprah’s Ultimate Favorite Things was something she really believes in, Andre Walker Hair products. Why does Oprah have such a fondness for Andre Walker hair products?

Because it is the only thing she uses on her hair. She swears by it. And Andre has been doing her hair for 25 years. She said of Andre…” It took him 25 years, but Andre’s finally bottled the magic just for you.”

You can get the same kit that Oprah gave to her lucky audience right here for $65. The ultimate gift set includes “keratin shampoo, keratin conditioner, shine-enhancing Q-oil and root-covering hair makeup.” But Oprah and her midas touch does have one drawback. She crashes sites! So if you try to log on to Andre’s site to order it, be warned it might take a while before you can get in!