Animal Friends for Now and Later


David Weeks Carved Wood Simus The Rhino for AreawareRhinos are so rarely lovable, but David Weeks is giving them a good name with this addition to his line of hardwood posable animals for Areaware. Simus the rhino and his friend Hattie the elephant debut this summer (available for pre-order now), and have the same beautifully carved beachwood bodies and elastic-band joints as their predecessors (Hanno the gorilla and Ursa the bear).

Now, I know I said that when I became a mom I began to prize play-value over pure aesthetics, but I do believe these creatures can offer both. Given as a baby gift, they will get pride of place in the nursery and make mom and dad happy. A few years down the road, a preschooler can make Simus move and walk and engage in untold imaginary jungle adventures. Or perhaps Simus will give Barbie a ride to her beach house. Either way he’ll get those creative juices flowing, and that’s what toys are for. I support playthings that don’t do all the work.

And the best part about these animals is that they are built to last. Future heirlooms and guaranteed classics. They may be sweet on your baby’s shelf, but think how sweet they’ll be on her baby’s shelf.

See a pic of Hattie the elephant after the jump.

David Weeks Carved Wood Hattie the Elephant for AreawarePhotos: Areaware