Apartment with a Slide: Talk About Living in a Funhouse!


Apartment with Indoor Slide

Just when you thought your house has already been taken over by your kids—imagine if you had a slide going through the center of your home!

Apartment with Indoor Slide

Duplex with Indoor Slide

New York apartments are known to be expensive, but rarely sprawling.  It’s a luxury to have a decent closet without costing an arm and a leg—despite the fact that location is worth it alone!  This duplex apartment in New York City’s East Village neighborhood is a rarity in space and design — and has a giant helical slide down the middle to top it off!

Duplex Indoor Slide

Designed by Turett Collaborative Architects, the duplex is a combination of two stacked one-bedroom units, attached via a custom made sculptural slide.  The slide connects the home’s upstairs to the downstairs.

Duplex Indoor Slide

Talk about traveling in style—and speed. It’s a stunning piece of home decor and architecture, with tons of potential for fun.  The stainless steel looks stunning against the mostly white backdrop and is built to last.  This would bring a whole new level to hosting birthday parties at home.


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