Autumn Leaf Mask + Free Mask Download


What a fun craft for you and your kids around Thanksgiving time! This is such an easy craft and won’t break the bank!
This cute diy will make for lots of fun for you and your kiddo’s!

To find out how to make this Autumn Leaf Mask click after the Jump!

What You Will Need:

pressed leaves- use leaves that have been pressed for about 24-48 hours, they are still quite flexible at this stage and lay nicely

glue solution- 2 parts glue, 1 part water (or use Modge Podge)

Download the mask onto card-stock



hole punch and yarn for the masks that tie around the head

glue gun and a stick for the type of mask you hold

*Cut out the mask, color, and glue on the leaves.

Fauna’s mask (top photo) is a made of scarlet maple leaves with a stick hot glued to the back for her to hold the mask in front of her face.

Preserve the masks by covering the leaves with the  glue solution or Modge Podge.

This fun and Easy craft was found via 5 Orange Potatoes blog.