Aviator Caps For The Littlest Fliers


aviator cap Olives On A StringI’m writing from my home in Colorado, and the weather here changes every ten minutes. I’m not even kidding. It’s definitely summer, but it can slip into something that feels like fall or spring — something a little breezy and a little chilly — without warning.

I saw these baby aviator caps at Olives On A String and thought they look like a perfect mid-weight option for breezy weather. Plus. They are pretty much the cutest little caps I’ve ever seen. Don’t they look soft and cozy?

See more aviator caps after the jump.

My babies have never been great hat wearers — because I’ve never been good at consistently putting them in hats. But those ties look like they might do the trick. What do you think? Would your baby like wearing aviator caps?

aviator cap Olives On A Stringaviator cap Olives On A String

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