Avoid Disaster: 5 Home Improvements Not to Delay

When personal finance experts talk about emergency savings plans, they usually consider home repairs as one of the more costly examples of what constitutes an emergency. For this reason, it is vital for all homeowners to remain proactive about upkeep on their home and help avoid the costly repairs that result when maintenance is ignored. Here are 5 home improvement projects NOT to delay!

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  • Heat/Air 2 of 6

    Every season your heating and air conditioning systems should be cleaned and analyzed before their initial use. If you don't know how to do this on your own, hire a professional ... but hang around to watch what they do. It will cost a service fee for maintenance, but regular cleaning can go a long way to preventing breakdown. Regular use of any system will cause wear and tear that needs attention. Preserve your systems for as long as possible by maintaining them on a routine basis. Cleaning will also help prevent accidental fires that can destroy your entire home. 

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  • Smoke Detection 3 of 6

    Speaking of house fires, make sure your smoke detectors and fire extinguishers are up to date. Change batteries twice a year in smoke and CO detectors. Clean away dust and cobwebs that may cling to surfaces and interrupt functionality. Have extinguishers inspected as per the manufacturer's recommendations. If your equipment is not working properly, you can lose everything you own. 

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  • Refrigerators 4 of 6

    Underneath the refrigerator are the coils that keep your appliance cold and functioning properly. Over time dust, pet hair, and other debris can cover the coils causing a fire hazard and limiting the refrigerator's ability to work correctly. You can maintain your refrigerator by regularly vacuuming underneath and behind it to remove what has built up. You can save a lot of money on not having to replace this costly appliance every few years due to neglect.

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  • Leaks 5 of 6

    Anywhere water is leaking in your home can spell big trouble in the long run. Leaking water can occur as pipes age and parts wear out. Check your home's pipe lines frequently for any signs of water and do the same with faucets. By fixing small leaks as they occur, you can avoid having to replace floors, ceilings, and walls that eventually become covered in mildew and mold or collapse from the water damage. It's far wiser to buy a few replacement washers for a couple of dollars than risk your family's health and safety. You can also lower your water bill by stopping waste.

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  • Infestations 6 of 6

    Pest infestations can do a lot of damage without your notice so it is important to keep tabs on your home. Ants, termites, and rodents can cause thousands of dollars' worth of damage inside your walls and foundation. Make sure you are keeping your grass cut so you can see the foundation. Don't store piles of wood or other junk in your yard, or you can be inviting critters to stay for the long hall. Use a quality pest spray around windows and foundations to keep bugs out. If you suspect infestations are out of control, get professional help which will be much more reasonably priced than replacing large portions of your home's structure materials. 

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