Baby Food Mess On The Go? Here's a Fix.


Because we have 5 other children, our newest addition (darling Baby June) will have to be a baby-on-the-go whether she likes it or not. Once it’s time to start solid baby food, I’ll be toting little jars and containers of purified goodness to gymnastics, to the park, to band practice.

Pretty much everywhere.

This won’t be my first time dealing with baby food on the go and I know what a mess it can be. So I was happy to see this new product called Spooneez.

Find out why it’s so awesome after the jump.

Spooneez is a little wipeable, washable packet where you can stash your dirty (slimy!) baby food spoons. You just stash, roll up the mess and go. It’s an eco-friendly fix and keeps your diaper bag a zip-lock free zone. Plus it comes in cute patterns. Here are 3 of my favorites: