NEW for 2010: Baby Rescue: The Life-Saving Device Every Parent Needs


Designed by two firefighters, Baby Rescue is a bag with a tether created to give your young child a better chance of surviving a fire in a building with multiple stories. Currently people trapped by a fire in buildings with multiple floors have no easy way to get their young children to safety. And because of smoke and heat, parents are all too often forced to make horrifying decisions.  Baby Rescue allows you to get your kids out of the window and lower them down outside the building to safety.

The bag itself folds up into a small pouch for easy storage (pictured) and is made of flame retardant ballistic nylon and PVC coated netting to allow for a free flow of fresh air. The nylon draw string (made with reflective thread) closes the bag in a way that prevents the child from opening it up from the inside. And although it’s recommended for children up to 75 pounds, the inventors told me that it has in fact been tested up to 150 pounds just to be safe. Read more after the jump.

The one caveat to the Baby Rescue is that the attached strap is only 50 feet long, and depending on where you live it might not be long enough to lower a baby all the way to the ground. They could have made a longer strap standard, but with a longer strap wind starts to be a factor. Even so, getting your child away from a fire and to a place where they can breathe and have a better chance of being rescued seems like an outstanding idea, and one that I think anyone living in a high-rise should consider. –Chris Ford

Debuting at ABC this year, it should retail for around $89.95. Check it out the website at

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