BabyBjörn Cradle Harmony


BabyBjörn’s just released a brand new product on the market that I’m just crazy for. It’s absolutely perfect for new parents in small spaces with high design and safety standards, a combination that’s hard to get just right. More after the jump.

The Cradle Harmony is made of entirely see-through, breathable mesh, and has a low, slim profile. And I’m such a sucker for a good birch/natural white color combo. It’s light weight, easy to transport from room to room (so maybe you don’t need a swing or bouncer for every room after all, hah!) and uses baby’s movements to facilitate natural, soft rocking. Genius!

It’s definitely an investment piece, but when you purchase a BabyBjörn you’re purchasing the years of medical and design research that went into the product, and this cradle is no exception. And it’s such a gorgeous piece of baby furniture.

The rocker will available for purchase at most baby stores at the end of the month!

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