Back to Campus: 10 Stylish DIY Dorm Decor Ideas


Even though it has been years since I finished grad school, this time of year still always reminds me of the excitement of returning to campus for the fall semester. I was one of those students who absolutely loved my time living in the residence hall, and each year I got all geeked out, picking out new bedding and decor for my room. These days it’s easier than ever to add a little style to the standard box of a dorm room with materials that are inexpensive, non-permanent and dorm-friendly. Click through for 10 stylish DIY dorm decor ideas!

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    10 Stylish DIY Dorm Decor Ideas from

    Click through for 10 stylish, inexpensive and dorm-friendly decor ideas!

  • Geometric Wall Hanging 2 of 11
    DIY Geometric Wall Hanging

    Made with an inexpensive flat cotton sheet and paint applied with a triangle stamp, this geometric wall hanging is totally lovable! It's perfect for adding a bit of color to a dorm room wall  — or giving roommates some extra privacy with style.
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  • Stamped Beanbag Cover 3 of 11
    DIY Beanbag Cover

    Beanbags are perfect for the dorm room because they make easy, cozy and inexpensive extra seating for movie dates with friends. I'm a huge fan of this stamped beanbag cover, transforming a generic beanbag with a canvas drop cloth stamped with a classic potato stamp.
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  • Photo Wall Mural 4 of 11
    DIY Photo Wall Mural

    There's no easier way to personalize a space than with photos, so I'm crazy for this giant photo wall mural! With a few basic steps, you can easily have it printed at a local print shop and then hang it with non-permanent adhesive so it will come right down when needed.
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  • Striped Doorway with Washi Tape 5 of 11
    DIY Striped Doorway with Washi Tape

    I love washi tape because it's inexpensive, comes in amazing colors and patterns, and has a low tack so it's easy to remove. This idea uses washi tape to dress up a doorway and would look great in a dorm room!
    Get the how-to at A Beautiful Mess

  • Iron-On Floral Duvet Cover 6 of 11
    DIY Iron-On Floral Duvet Cover

    I love a great duvet cover (mainly because I'm partial to big fluffy down comforters) so I am completely charmed by this DIY version that plays on the oh-so-fashionable floral trend with iron-on floral transfers. It's surprisingly easy to do and will look amazing!
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  • DIY Marquee Letters 7 of 11
    DIY Marquee Letters

    A little mood lighting goes a long way in brightening up any room, and I love the idea of a big, oversized marquee letter as a focal point in a dorm room. This one is made with a pre-made cardboard letter, oversize string lights, and a bit of paint.
    Get the how-to at Grey Likes Nesting | Photo by Sugar & Cloth

  • DIY Necklace Holder 8 of 11
    DIY Necklace Holder

    In a dorm room, storage is always an uphill battle so colorful decor that doubles as functional storage is ideal! This cute and easy-to-make jewelry holder puts your baubles on display while keeping them organized.
    Get the how-to from Laura Parke of A Girl Who Makes | Photo by Eric Linebarger

  • DIY Keepsake Holder 9 of 11
    DIY Keepsake Holder

    One of the easiest ways to decorate a dorm is with keepsakes and memorabilia. This easy idea using a box lid and a bit of paper is perfect for holding Polaroids, ticket stubs, and little bits and baubles. Make a few, and cluster them together on the wall for a really cool look!
    Get the how-to at Design for Mankind | Photo by Laura Parke

  • DIY Stamped Pillows 10 of 11
    DIY Stamped Pillows

    A handful of great pillows instantly perk up a room, but we all know they can get costly. Instead, make these simple cotton pillows with cool stamped patterns to instantly deck out a dorm room bed or futon in cozy style.
    Get the how-to at Vorstellung von Schon

  • Paper Cup Garland 11 of 11
    DIY Paper Cup Garland

    Again, always being a fan of ambient lighting, I love this simple and inexpensive garland made with pastel colored paper cups and white string lights. So pretty!
    Get the how-to at Hey Gorg | Photo by Jenna McKenzie

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