Bando Spring/Summer Collection


Our favorite accessories shop is at it again, just released their Spring/Summer 2012 collection and we love it. Our favorites are ostrich pouf, and the heart tote, and the crystal crush bobbi pin… we’ll it’s hard to pick favorites! See more of the collection after the jump.

  • Bermuda Rose 1 of 8
    Bermuda Rose
    This layered organza rose is so pretty.
    Image Photo Credit: $50
  • Girlie Chiffon Bow 2 of 8
    Girlie Chiffon Bow
    The polka dots make this perfect.
    Image Photo Credit: $25
  • Crystal Crush Bobbi 3 of 8
    Crystal Crush Bobbi
    Such a pretty color palette.
    Image Photo Credit: $20
  • Glitter Bobbi 4 of 8
    Glitter Bobbi
    I love these subtle sparkly bobbi pins.
    Image Photo Credit: $15
  • Ostrich Pouf 5 of 8
    Ostrich Pouf
    This would be perfect to wear to a wedding.
    Image Photo Credit: $75
  • Pom Pom Flower 6 of 8
    Pom Pom Flower
    These look great clustered.
    Image Photo Credit: $15
  • Heart Tote 7 of 8
    Heart Tote
    The perfect summer bag for farmers markets and beach days.
    Image Photo Credit: $20
  • Single Pom Pom 8 of 8
    Single Pom Pom
    A single pom pom is perfect for work.
    Image Photo Credit: $15