Bath Toy: Cars, Planes, Boats And Trucks


Bath time can go one of two ways in our house: Yay or Nay. Well, on nay nights, I know exactly how to play my almost three-year-old. Don’t you wanna play cars? Don’t ya, don’t ya?

He becomes intrigued. His head cocks a bit. Cars! Oh yeah, cars! And he’s off like a race car, straight to the bathroom. By the time I get in there, he’s stripping and super-excited to play with…Tub Island Racing Around. Now for anyone with a little boy obsessed with cars, trucks and planes, he’ll go bonkers in the bubbles for this bath toy.

The bright and engaging town scene complete with, blacktop street, green grass dotted with homes, an airport and a harbor floats in the tub. The case is ideal for travel, because face it, kids can be a real pain to bathe while on vacation. Pssst, this can also double as a pool toy. (It does for us!)

He won’t even realize you’re scrubbing his hair and washing behind his ears as he zips the red and blue cars around, lands the yellow plane on the runway, floats the multi-colored ship in the harbor and pulls the signature fire truck right up to a home. Promises to exercise the imagination, pump up those small motor skills and reinforce color and object recognition–at least in our tub it does. Every, single night.